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Sunday, January 22, 2012

JF-17 Thunder Block 2 with Canards

Another Jf-17 with canard modification. Posted an earlier here. Canard is the French word for duck. Some of the early canard designs bore a strange resemblance to their namesakes. Oddly enough, canard in English means a gross exaggeration or hyperbole.

Advantages of Canards : 


  • Possibility for very good stalling characteristics without elevator stops.

  • Sometimes a desirable layout from the packaging standpoint: Main wing carry-through behind cabin, pusher engine installation simplified.

  • Synergistic use of winglets for directional stability.

  • In certain cases a simplified control linkage is possible.

  • When wing flaps are not desired (for simplicity as in ultralights, or competition rules as with standard class sailplanes for example) the CLmax of a canard may exceed that of an aft-tail airplane.

  • For unstable aircraft, canard designs may have a CLmax and/or drag advantage.

  • Control authority is larger for unstable canard aircraft at high CL than for unstable aft-tail designs.


  1. Nice work done. Keep making such fotos and do send to Air HQ.

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