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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here you go .Twin seater FC-20 with CFT's and advanced avionics in PAF colors. Most noticable features are JF-17 style RWR (Rafale in this case ;), CFT's (F-16 blk 52's) Some thing on its spine (also F-16's) , IFF antennas, And something just below the canopy ( upper one from EuroFighter and lower one from F-16). Can anybody identify what they really are ?

Oh, and the new green Batti on its inlet ( F-16's yet again) .

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Attack Varient JF-17 - 2

As I said it in my earlier post, that i'll be weaponizing Thunder. So, as a Man Always Keeps His Word ;) the weapons integration on JF-17 is complete. See any Room for improvement, plz point out .

Thursday, February 12, 2009

NATO Tiger Meet Mirage 2000

A French airforce Mirage 2000 during NATO Tiger Meet exercize as depicted here (photoshopped).

Originally it was photo showing a PAF F-7 on a firing run, but all that is left of that F-7 now, is the muzzle flash from its powerful 23mm gun .

Two seater JF-17 Photoshopped

Used Mirage 2000's canopy to edit.

This is how Eurofighter's canopy looks on Thunder.

It's RAFALE's canopy sitting on our thunder .

JF-17 Thunder is the brain child of PAF. Though CAC has been carrying out its development since a long time PAF officialy became a partner in 1994, during Nawaz Sharif's Tenure. Since, then Thunder has come a long way. What was first viewed as an aluminium box capable of firing BVR missiles and a 3rd Generation fighter, Thunder has evolved into a capable 4th Gen. fighter, Much better than any thing PAF currently has to fly. It has a great potential for further upgrades. It has already incorporated advanced features like DSI - intakes ( as on F-35 ) , LERX (Leading Edge Root Extention as on F-18) . Further sought upgrades include AESA radar , IRST, two-seater version for training and attack roles and rumored V-tail stealth Design .

This particular pic is my impression about Two-seater Jf-17. Again, The real one might not be the same .

P.s. : i prefer Thunder with Rafale's canopy. That's the most beautiful combination of above all. Another reason could be that in case of Eurofighter and Mirage 2ooo, i wasnt able to find pics with suitable lighting and angle. As u can clearly notice that the brightness of the first 2 canopies dont match with rest of plane's body .

Any comments are welcome.


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