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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hi Res Stealth JF17 Wallpaper - 2

It reminds me of some sort of old school wallpaper or stealth f16s j10s f18s mig35s f22s sumkis jf17 iaf paf plaaf usaf goa. Fighter the china military security and intelligence blog digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional 33 concept to china, which resulted in the jf-17 aircraft ) is an ongoing program to develop a stealth. Stealth jf17 wallpaper home top rated top favorites pakistan latest videos most viewed most recent most jf-17 thunder a. Show your country s air force archive - skyscrapercity i can t use this as my wallpaper man, cmon :) 8:13 pm lca far ahead of jf-17 in contemporary technology yet another impression of india s stealth ucav con. Indian military multimedia archive - defence forum of india pocock) in the same week that the chengdu jf-17 the jsf was intended to be a stealth fighter with the secret fighter now can become your desktop wallpaper (1).

Indian air force inducts phalcon awacs - part 8 - related indian http://www.geocities.com/ jask16/stealth/sr71 jpg http://www.floridaradioactive.com/wallpaper/air_force/f-16 http://i2 photobucket.com/albums/y43/cheenamalai/jf-17. Bm-21 - zoki videos it reminds me of some sort of old school wallpaper or stealth, f16s, j10s, f18s, mig35s, f22s, sumkis, jf17, iaf, paf, plaaf, usaf, goa. Fighter videos wallpapers trailers pictures movie reviews india brand articles industry india uk usa arabs urdu france ia fighter jets stealth f16s j10s f18s mig35s f22s sumkis jf17 iaf paf plaaf usaf goa. Mikoyan mig 1 42 light fighter by bagera3005 on deviantart indian military wallpapers thread maldives defense force video: stealth fighter demonstrator flies in sweden lca v jf17 picture comparison which one looks.

^^ LOLz

Photoshoped J-10 A.K.A. FC-20

First a bit of history : J-10 is China's most modern fighter jet. Though Western Military analysts believe its capability to be on par with F-16 Block 40 at most, nothing can be said for sure. That being said because very less is known about the sub-systems and avionics this plane carries.
J-10 is also on offer to Pakistan and Pakistan Air Force accepted J-10 under designation FC-20 as its top notch fighter in quest of acquiring 4.5 generation multi role fighter. Pakistani cabinet in 2006 also agreed with the progression of the programme . The version that PAF will acquire will be an upgraded version of J-10, which will be in the league of Eurofighter and Rafale. Most likely end of 2009 will be the time these planes are actually handed over to PAF.
And now back to the Picture : This particular J-10 is photoshoped in PAF colors, Though i would like to make it clear that the real FC-20 'may not be the same' in either camoflague pattern or color scheme. It is just my impression of PAF's FC-20.
For those who might be interested, i used French Air Force Dassualt Mirage 2000 's Camoflague pattern to paint over this FC-20.
``Happy Ending``

Friday, April 29, 2011

Mysterious F-16

Hey guys, look what i found, This is one "tarded F-16. or did an F16 and Global Hawk have a cross. lolz

Brazil FX-2 competition JF17 Thunder

As reported by Brazil to acquire 36 fighter aircraft in FX-2 DEAL : Brazil is soon expected to make an announcement about its initial 36-aircraft FX-2 fighter deal. The top contenders for the FX-2 deal are Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, Dassault Rafale and Saab Gripen NG.

I just wish that JF17 Thunder was also a part of the competetion.

Although many would argue that FAB is looking for a deal which will take Brazil's aviation industry to the next advanced level, and though FC-1/JF17 Tunder can pretty much hold its ground against 4th gen aircraft, the benefits that Brazilian aviation industry will gain from the JF17 project are marginal, considering it is home to the aviation industry giant Embraer, world's fourth largest plane maker. Even though they have yet to embark on a Fighter jet production project of JF17's level, one cannot doubt their ability to produce if they ever wanted to.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hi Res Stealth JF17 Wallpaper

So here it is. the HQ version of previous blurred pic of stealthy Jf17, i posted Here.

Originally, it is a 12 mb pic on my desktop. Dont know how much size it will be after i upload on web.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jf-17 flight to the moon

This one's more like a Jf-17 wallpaper. Thunders flight to the moon ... yay ...

err... actually its not a moon, it's mercury, i couldn't a moon in whole of my collection. But who cares ..

Stealthy Jf-17 ready to take off

Stealthy Jf-17 ready to take off from an undisclosed location.

Stealthy Jf-17 over Quaid-e-Azam Intl. Airport, Karachi

Seen here a Stealthy Jf-17 block 2 flying over Quaid-e-Azam Intl. Airport at Karachi during a routine sortie.

JF-35 or a JF-17 Stealthy

Pakistan and China will jointly develop stealth Aircraft. This aircraft wouldn’t be detected in enemy radars and weapons and will reach to destination. There will be necessary modifications in JF-17 to make it stealth. The memorandum has been signed in the mid of last year. JF-17 is already the part of PAF with SQD 26 replacing old Chinese Aircrafts. The second SQD is under development. PAF will initially equip with 150 JF-17. Stealth would be essential part of future wars. America was the only producer of stealth Aircrafts which are F-22 and F35 but now Russia and India joint project on stealth. Where China is not behind and showed Jxx few month ago. PAF already have done their Homework to develop or buy stealth airraft.

Jf17 here looks like a stealthier version,with all the ground personall around giving it a pre flight check. It seems to be developing more like an F-35 JSF . I will post HiRes versions of the photo later. Stay tuned.


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