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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Jf 17-Rafale Style and PAF EF-2000

Last of My PS Season 1. Will be back after a year or two, i guess. Keep clicking [ if u know wat i mean] . Cheers .

For all those who wanna see Euro fighter in PAF colors.


Lacking a bit of finishing touches , but here it is : Twin seat JF 17


Friday, September 18, 2009

Ground Attack Twin Seat Jf17


The same twin seat Jf17 as in previous post, but in a different camo. Got any suggesstions plz share. Im getting tird of zero comments at my posts. :sick:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Delta Canard Jf17 Prototype. PTDC .


BBN- Defence Reporter: The Prototype version with a unique triangle-delta & Canard configuration, flies from Minhas Airbase Kamra. Various design changes and improvements for the next block of JF-17 are being considered, and the PT-DC [Delta-canard] has been built as a test bed for improved aerodynamics and avionics .

Monday, August 31, 2009

F14 Tomcat Strafing


Good old Tomcat, on a high speed strafing run at ANG firing range .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

FC-20 over the Hamalyas and my Subscribers :(

A Paf FC-20 over the Hamalyas. Seen here is not heavily armed. I dont know why PAF wont let pics of Bvr armed JF-17 and FC-20 come out.



OMG.............where did all my subscribers go ? :O

The chinese ban on blogspot is still there. That and some other stuff im busy with. like Studies and my Urdu blog [http://www.befazool.wordpress.pk] is the reason , i dont post much here now. But i promise , i 'll post atleast 1 pic a month. Happy ......... ?

I know i dont post much these days, but im still alive , hope for the best and the blog's still here, keep on reading my old posts over and over again . There is wisdom hidden deep in my words. Look harder and u ll find it .

Im off now. Bye

Saturday, August 1, 2009

JF-17 B

BBN- Defence Reporter : Seen here a lone pilot landing after his solo flight in a Jf-17 B at an undisclosed airbase . Jf-17 B is also the PAF's dedicated strike plateform,as the ROSE Mirages are gradually being phased out of service.

This is the only pic of Jf-17 B on a training sortie on the internet , and remember u saw it first here at : Military-photoshops.blogspot.com . Credits to Officer X for providing us with te picture .

Monday, May 11, 2009

Jaffu, Are u for real o.O

A pic of Jf-17 loaded with three 1100 litre fuel tanks and A2G ordnance has recently surfaced the internet. Is this pic for real, let's analyze.

The shape of these fuel tanks is similar to those used for J-10while the center-line fuel tank in J-10 is smaller than the two on wings. But in this pic all three fuel tanks are of the same size. That raises a big question mark . Why would J-10 a big and more powerful plane carry 2 1100 lt and one small fuel tank while Jaffu would carry 3 1100 lt fuel tanks ?

But when i tried to check if the light source for the plane and the fuel tanks is the same, that is by increasing and decreasing the brightness value and contrast , the fuel tanks seemed consistent with the plane. Though it is a very crude way to check the credibility of a photo, but it does give an idea, if the light sources of two objects in a pic are quite different.

Further if you zoom the pic and take a close look at the fuel tanks, u can see that tanks at the wing pylon have bright upper area while the one at center pylon is relatively dark. plus the rear gearbox is also casting quite a realistic shadow on it .

Also take a look at the grooves on these three fuel tanks. u can see that the difference is obvious. The ones on the left fuel tank are almost visible and are patchy due to light and shadows. The ones on the center-line fuel tank are clearly visible as they all are in the shadow. and the ones on the right are completely invisible as they are under dark shadow cast by the center lower fuselage of the plane.

Now, it can be safely assumed that if it is a photoshop, then the guy who did the editing has to be a fan-boy and not some Indian secret agent, in order to make us believe in the reality of the pic and acheive his goals would pay attention to such small details ?

So, is this pic for real ? Well, the level of detail in this pic, clearly, IMHO, negates the assumption that pic is a photoshop. But it could also be that the editor is well versed in editing. But Y would some fan boy put so much effort into it ?and definitely, im no Mastero, there are better guys than me out there. So, we cant know for sure if this pic is real or not, until the official confirmation emerges.

Block II Jaffu

No. 26 Squadron also known as Black Spiders, flies the A-5 ground attack aircraft. Upon entering the squadron, Thunders will presume the attack role. This is my presentation of a Block II Thunder in desert camo, optronics and IFR. Ordnance is clearly visible.

JF-17 Block II Wall paper

My First Ever JF-17 Wall paper .


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

JF-17 Armed

(BBN- Defence Reporter) The JF-17 seen here is armed with an ALCM (air launched cruise missile), Mica AAM and optronics sensor. Such is an approximation of what Thunder might look like , if tehe French deal is accepted. After Rafale is already out of competetion from Indian MRCA programe, it is expected that French will most likely look for an opportunity to do some business with Pakistan. The only thing which stands in the way, seems to be the socio-economic standing of Pakistan .

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grrrrr.....Enter the Thunder.

I have no idea, what should i name this new baby in the family.

It is Twin seater, has got twin engines and that too Smenca (<> M 88 . Have a look at its pay load and its carrying 1 AIM 9, 1 AIM 125 and 1, 1100 lt? fuel tank under each wing. Its a beast if u ask me or anyone else with some aesthetic sense [8)].

Back to the million Ruppe question. what should i name it ?

Jf-17 Super thunder

Jf-19 crimson thunder

Jf-21 Thunder thunder


JF17 escorting B-57s

Returning late at night after completion of mission...
Following paintings by artist غفران گل جی show a Jf-17 escorting a formation of B-57 bombers on a bombing raid.

I wonder what was Jf-17 doing in 1965


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Twin Seat Jf-18 with CFT

Pic. 1. shows the JF-18 prototype in its  earlier stage of development
Pic. 2. shows the final verison of the prototype with CFT's and IRST

[BBN: Defence Reporter]  An upgraded variant of JF-17. Existence is not confirmed by official Chinese or Pakistani sources but the following pics ,believed to be authentic, of a new JF-17 variant, reported to be designated JF-18 has appeared. It shows the prototype of a Twin Seat JF-17 modified with Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFT), an infra-red search and track (IRST) sensor, a redesigned canopy, a new under-chin hardpoint and an In Flight Refueling (IFR) probe.

The JF-18 is a modified variant of the JF-17 multirole fighter aircraft, with modifications in airframe and avionics. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) began to develop a follow-on variant of its JF-17 fighter around 2008/2009. A prototype reportedly made its maiden flight in April 2009, this year. Once commissioned, the JF-18 is likely going to become the standard for later JF-17 productions.

Though remarkably similar to its predecessor JF-17, JF-18 is essentially an entirely new air craft with redesigned air frame and completely new generation of avionics.

Our constant source of inside information Officer X told us that conformal fuel tanks (CFT) to the JF-18 to increase its fuel load, permitting longer range, endurance, and flexibility in mission store loading, without compromising the JF-18’s flight envelope. These conformal fuel tanks are attached to the aircraft on the upper fuselage, from the forward strake area to aft of the wing’s trailing edge.

JF-18 is a remarkable addition in the joint fighter family and will add more muscle to PAF .

Sunday, April 5, 2009

J-10b PAF

The J-10B is a modified variant of the J-10 multirole fighter aircraft, with modifications in airframe and avionics. For further information, plz refer to internet.

In this version of J-10 I edited DSI, Tail fin, And Radome but forgot to edit the small verticle stablizers :( and dont feel like editing any more. this one has already taken enough of my time .

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fc-20 once more !

With pics of the improved J-10b surfacing on the internet, the sight of real J-10s in Pakistani colors might not be that far-fetched. But as any hi-def pics of the new version are yet to be revealed, which could take long enough ( 1 year my guess ) , all i can do is to PS J-10a in PAF color scheme.

A week before i got an invitation to edit a J-10 in Paf scheme for an undisclosed project **read- Pak Def calender** and obviously i agreed. After almost 4 hrs of work, i had two versions of edited J-10.

1. This J-10 has only its color scheme changed in to almost like PAF camo with an addition of related decals .

2. The second one is the souped up version. Add ons include EuroFighter's Radome and IRST and wing tip ECm housing, and F-16's targeting pod. Camo. is just my imagination...looked cool so applied it .

Any comments.......Welocme :D

Monday, March 23, 2009

23rd March Underground Parade .

BBN* News Desk : Today Pakistanis all over the world celebrate 23rd March,or Pakistan's Republic Day, this is the day that Pakistan became the first Islamic Republic in the world (1956). It is also the date of the Lahore Resolution (Qarardad-e-Pakistan or the then Qarardad-e-Lahore), was passed at the Annual General Convention of the All India Muslim League (1940). It is celebrated with parades in Islamabad that involve both military contingents, such as the Pakistan Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces, as well as civilian ones.

Even though Officially Military Parade was cancelled. Nothing could stop the hot-blooded and ever enthusiastic PAF pilots to rock the skies of Islamabad with their newly inducted JF-17s in an underground aerial demonstration. Sounds ironic .

Though the Parade was limited to aerial demonstration by PAF pilots, The aerial display was spectacular . To hold an underground event like this at such a large scale shows the aggression and determination of these young officers” – our staff reporter narrated.

According to Officer-X, our constant source of inside information regarding the armed forces, the purpose of this event was to not only to give the citizens of Pakistan, a sense of protection ? but also to test the abilities of the new baby in our nest (JF-17) and push the aircraft to its limits .”

* BBN.: Buk Buk News

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Thunder

[BBN:News Desk] Pakistan Air force recently flight tested it's latest version of the Thunder series, NATO code name : Super Thunder. according to an unnamed official , This version of Thunder can fly as high as 30km+ into the Stratosphere and can deliver Smart Munitions from that altitude. Super Thunder clearly represents State-Of-The-Art technology and Industrial prowess of PAC Kamra, The sole contractor of the Project.

PAF presently plans to induct a Squadron of 18 super thunders. Foreign countries like USA, UK, China and Russia have also shown deep interest in the new machine. Indian response is yet awaited.

*BBN : Buk Buk News

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PAF J-10

During Zardari's last visit to China, acquisition of J-10 on easy terms was also a part of the talks. Not going into the discussion that when Pakistan is in almost every kind of crisis, is this a wise decision to spend more on war machines, one has to admit that it is a beautiful aircraft and from every angle has Made-for-PAF looks. Though in my opinion, a more prudent option could have been leasing 12 J-10 (6 J-10 single seater, and 6 double seater) and training our pilots on them until we manage enough cash to buy enough squadrons of them J-10s. And in case of any conflict with India, more J-10s from China can be acquired with out any trouble as our pilots would have enough experience to handle these jets. ( Just a layman opinion, i believe PAF makes its decision keeping every possible aspect in view.)

But whatever...This J-10 here is painted in current PAF camoflague scheme as on JF-17. Though personally, i think PAF should move on towards new fashion in Fighter Jet Camo. Schemes. UAEAF or Hellenic AF painting schemes can serve as a good inspiration.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here you go .Twin seater FC-20 with CFT's and advanced avionics in PAF colors. Most noticable features are JF-17 style RWR (Rafale in this case ;), CFT's (F-16 blk 52's) Some thing on its spine (also F-16's) , IFF antennas, And something just below the canopy ( upper one from EuroFighter and lower one from F-16). Can anybody identify what they really are ?

Oh, and the new green Batti on its inlet ( F-16's yet again) .

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Attack Varient JF-17 - 2

As I said it in my earlier post, that i'll be weaponizing Thunder. So, as a Man Always Keeps His Word ;) the weapons integration on JF-17 is complete. See any Room for improvement, plz point out .

Thursday, February 12, 2009

NATO Tiger Meet Mirage 2000

A French airforce Mirage 2000 during NATO Tiger Meet exercize as depicted here (photoshopped).

Originally it was photo showing a PAF F-7 on a firing run, but all that is left of that F-7 now, is the muzzle flash from its powerful 23mm gun .

Two seater JF-17 Photoshopped

Used Mirage 2000's canopy to edit.

This is how Eurofighter's canopy looks on Thunder.

It's RAFALE's canopy sitting on our thunder .

JF-17 Thunder is the brain child of PAF. Though CAC has been carrying out its development since a long time PAF officialy became a partner in 1994, during Nawaz Sharif's Tenure. Since, then Thunder has come a long way. What was first viewed as an aluminium box capable of firing BVR missiles and a 3rd Generation fighter, Thunder has evolved into a capable 4th Gen. fighter, Much better than any thing PAF currently has to fly. It has a great potential for further upgrades. It has already incorporated advanced features like DSI - intakes ( as on F-35 ) , LERX (Leading Edge Root Extention as on F-18) . Further sought upgrades include AESA radar , IRST, two-seater version for training and attack roles and rumored V-tail stealth Design .

This particular pic is my impression about Two-seater Jf-17. Again, The real one might not be the same .

P.s. : i prefer Thunder with Rafale's canopy. That's the most beautiful combination of above all. Another reason could be that in case of Eurofighter and Mirage 2ooo, i wasnt able to find pics with suitable lighting and angle. As u can clearly notice that the brightness of the first 2 canopies dont match with rest of plane's body .

Any comments are welcome.


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