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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PAF J-10

During Zardari's last visit to China, acquisition of J-10 on easy terms was also a part of the talks. Not going into the discussion that when Pakistan is in almost every kind of crisis, is this a wise decision to spend more on war machines, one has to admit that it is a beautiful aircraft and from every angle has Made-for-PAF looks. Though in my opinion, a more prudent option could have been leasing 12 J-10 (6 J-10 single seater, and 6 double seater) and training our pilots on them until we manage enough cash to buy enough squadrons of them J-10s. And in case of any conflict with India, more J-10s from China can be acquired with out any trouble as our pilots would have enough experience to handle these jets. ( Just a layman opinion, i believe PAF makes its decision keeping every possible aspect in view.)

But whatever...This J-10 here is painted in current PAF camoflague scheme as on JF-17. Though personally, i think PAF should move on towards new fashion in Fighter Jet Camo. Schemes. UAEAF or Hellenic AF painting schemes can serve as a good inspiration.


  1. Great work
    Now do i will wait for few JF-17 pic with this PAF chamo.

  2. ^^ But JF-17 has already this classic PAF chamo. (confused)

  3. cool, you are into planes and all.why didnt you get into air force?

  4. with 5 no. glasses?????????

  5. Mubi: Guys at selection center seemed hardcore fundamentalists. Still practising those old WW-2 era selection procedures :P

  6. Saud: aap merey gham me baraber ke shareek maloom hotey hein :D



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