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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grrrrr.....Enter the Thunder.

I have no idea, what should i name this new baby in the family.

It is Twin seater, has got twin engines and that too Smenca (<> M 88 . Have a look at its pay load and its carrying 1 AIM 9, 1 AIM 125 and 1, 1100 lt? fuel tank under each wing. Its a beast if u ask me or anyone else with some aesthetic sense [8)].

Back to the million Ruppe question. what should i name it ?

Jf-17 Super thunder

Jf-19 crimson thunder

Jf-21 Thunder thunder


JF17 escorting B-57s

Returning late at night after completion of mission...
Following paintings by artist غفران گل جی show a Jf-17 escorting a formation of B-57 bombers on a bombing raid.

I wonder what was Jf-17 doing in 1965


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Twin Seat Jf-18 with CFT

Pic. 1. shows the JF-18 prototype in its  earlier stage of development
Pic. 2. shows the final verison of the prototype with CFT's and IRST

[BBN: Defence Reporter]  An upgraded variant of JF-17. Existence is not confirmed by official Chinese or Pakistani sources but the following pics ,believed to be authentic, of a new JF-17 variant, reported to be designated JF-18 has appeared. It shows the prototype of a Twin Seat JF-17 modified with Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFT), an infra-red search and track (IRST) sensor, a redesigned canopy, a new under-chin hardpoint and an In Flight Refueling (IFR) probe.

The JF-18 is a modified variant of the JF-17 multirole fighter aircraft, with modifications in airframe and avionics. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) began to develop a follow-on variant of its JF-17 fighter around 2008/2009. A prototype reportedly made its maiden flight in April 2009, this year. Once commissioned, the JF-18 is likely going to become the standard for later JF-17 productions.

Though remarkably similar to its predecessor JF-17, JF-18 is essentially an entirely new air craft with redesigned air frame and completely new generation of avionics.

Our constant source of inside information Officer X told us that conformal fuel tanks (CFT) to the JF-18 to increase its fuel load, permitting longer range, endurance, and flexibility in mission store loading, without compromising the JF-18’s flight envelope. These conformal fuel tanks are attached to the aircraft on the upper fuselage, from the forward strake area to aft of the wing’s trailing edge.

JF-18 is a remarkable addition in the joint fighter family and will add more muscle to PAF .

Sunday, April 5, 2009

J-10b PAF

The J-10B is a modified variant of the J-10 multirole fighter aircraft, with modifications in airframe and avionics. For further information, plz refer to internet.

In this version of J-10 I edited DSI, Tail fin, And Radome but forgot to edit the small verticle stablizers :( and dont feel like editing any more. this one has already taken enough of my time .


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