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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fc-20 once more !

With pics of the improved J-10b surfacing on the internet, the sight of real J-10s in Pakistani colors might not be that far-fetched. But as any hi-def pics of the new version are yet to be revealed, which could take long enough ( 1 year my guess ) , all i can do is to PS J-10a in PAF color scheme.

A week before i got an invitation to edit a J-10 in Paf scheme for an undisclosed project **read- Pak Def calender** and obviously i agreed. After almost 4 hrs of work, i had two versions of edited J-10.

1. This J-10 has only its color scheme changed in to almost like PAF camo with an addition of related decals .

2. The second one is the souped up version. Add ons include EuroFighter's Radome and IRST and wing tip ECm housing, and F-16's targeting pod. Camo. is just my imagination...looked cool so applied it .

Any comments.......Welocme :D

Monday, March 23, 2009

23rd March Underground Parade .

BBN* News Desk : Today Pakistanis all over the world celebrate 23rd March,or Pakistan's Republic Day, this is the day that Pakistan became the first Islamic Republic in the world (1956). It is also the date of the Lahore Resolution (Qarardad-e-Pakistan or the then Qarardad-e-Lahore), was passed at the Annual General Convention of the All India Muslim League (1940). It is celebrated with parades in Islamabad that involve both military contingents, such as the Pakistan Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces, as well as civilian ones.

Even though Officially Military Parade was cancelled. Nothing could stop the hot-blooded and ever enthusiastic PAF pilots to rock the skies of Islamabad with their newly inducted JF-17s in an underground aerial demonstration. Sounds ironic .

Though the Parade was limited to aerial demonstration by PAF pilots, The aerial display was spectacular . To hold an underground event like this at such a large scale shows the aggression and determination of these young officers” – our staff reporter narrated.

According to Officer-X, our constant source of inside information regarding the armed forces, the purpose of this event was to not only to give the citizens of Pakistan, a sense of protection ? but also to test the abilities of the new baby in our nest (JF-17) and push the aircraft to its limits .”

* BBN.: Buk Buk News

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Thunder

[BBN:News Desk] Pakistan Air force recently flight tested it's latest version of the Thunder series, NATO code name : Super Thunder. according to an unnamed official , This version of Thunder can fly as high as 30km+ into the Stratosphere and can deliver Smart Munitions from that altitude. Super Thunder clearly represents State-Of-The-Art technology and Industrial prowess of PAC Kamra, The sole contractor of the Project.

PAF presently plans to induct a Squadron of 18 super thunders. Foreign countries like USA, UK, China and Russia have also shown deep interest in the new machine. Indian response is yet awaited.

*BBN : Buk Buk News

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

PAF J-10

During Zardari's last visit to China, acquisition of J-10 on easy terms was also a part of the talks. Not going into the discussion that when Pakistan is in almost every kind of crisis, is this a wise decision to spend more on war machines, one has to admit that it is a beautiful aircraft and from every angle has Made-for-PAF looks. Though in my opinion, a more prudent option could have been leasing 12 J-10 (6 J-10 single seater, and 6 double seater) and training our pilots on them until we manage enough cash to buy enough squadrons of them J-10s. And in case of any conflict with India, more J-10s from China can be acquired with out any trouble as our pilots would have enough experience to handle these jets. ( Just a layman opinion, i believe PAF makes its decision keeping every possible aspect in view.)

But whatever...This J-10 here is painted in current PAF camoflague scheme as on JF-17. Though personally, i think PAF should move on towards new fashion in Fighter Jet Camo. Schemes. UAEAF or Hellenic AF painting schemes can serve as a good inspiration.


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