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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fc-20 once more !

With pics of the improved J-10b surfacing on the internet, the sight of real J-10s in Pakistani colors might not be that far-fetched. But as any hi-def pics of the new version are yet to be revealed, which could take long enough ( 1 year my guess ) , all i can do is to PS J-10a in PAF color scheme.

A week before i got an invitation to edit a J-10 in Paf scheme for an undisclosed project **read- Pak Def calender** and obviously i agreed. After almost 4 hrs of work, i had two versions of edited J-10.

1. This J-10 has only its color scheme changed in to almost like PAF camo with an addition of related decals .

2. The second one is the souped up version. Add ons include EuroFighter's Radome and IRST and wing tip ECm housing, and F-16's targeting pod. Camo. is just my imagination...looked cool so applied it .

Any comments.......Welocme :D

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