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Thursday, February 12, 2009

NATO Tiger Meet Mirage 2000

A French airforce Mirage 2000 during NATO Tiger Meet exercize as depicted here (photoshopped).

Originally it was photo showing a PAF F-7 on a firing run, but all that is left of that F-7 now, is the muzzle flash from its powerful 23mm gun .


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  2. او خیر۔۔۔کسی کا تبصرہ آیا۔ے تو بڑے فخر کی بات ھے کھ اپکے دوست آپکو جہازکہتے ہیں

    . eeeeee. Typing in Urdu is so troublesome. Aap apni koi foto mail ker dena, flato waqt me aap ko b PS ker dein gay.



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