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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Russian Navy MiG-29K photos

The Russian Navy had a fleet of 19 carrier-based fighters Su-33, a resource which will expire by 2015. Production of new Su-33s is possible but not cost-effective for small volumes. The MiG-29K is more convenient, as the Indian Navy had already ordered the aircraft, saving on development and production set-up. India paid $730 million for the development and delivery of 16 fighters, while 24 planes for Russia's fleet would cost about $1 billion.[30] In 2009, prior to delivery to India, MiG-29Ks underwent testing on board the Admiral Kuznetsov.[31][32] In September 2011, it was announced that the MiG-29K was to conduct its first at-sea deployment on board Admiral Kuznetsov in the Mediterranean.[33]
The Russian Navy ordered 24 MiG-29Ks for carrier use in late 2009 for the Admiral Kuznetsov.[34] Deliveries of the MiG-29K for the Russian Navy started in 2010.[35][36] Negotiations between MiG and the Russian Defense Ministry for further MiG-29K/KUB aircraft were in "the final stages" as of August 2011, according to MiG deputy head Sergei Korotkov.[37]
The Russian Navy had fielded several brand new Mig-29K fighters for testing during their first assignment.

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