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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

عاجل وحصري ...... طائرة jf-17 الشبحية الباكستانيةMy Work Gets Featured :

السلام عليكم

اثناء بحثي عن معلومات عن الطائرات الباكستانية عثرت على هذه الطائرة

#### والله فنننننننننانه والباكستانيين اكثر من فننننننننانين ##

### المصدر ##

I guess this means : Asslam u alaikum 
                                By God, Aaaaartists, many among these Pakistanis are aaaaaaaaaaartists ... 

Am i right .. ? i just used my urdu to translate from arabic lolz. Anyways , Thankyou Arabian Poster. Btw if someone can read arabic , they have very good things to say about Pakistan here . even though i dont speak arabic, thanks to many arabic words used in urdu, i can get an idea.

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