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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Republic Of Korean Air Force Chengdu J-10 S photo v2.0

This is the revised version of the Republic Of Korean Air Force Chengdu J-10 S , earlier  it of which was posted here.. Most of the changes here follow the tips given by Erik Simonsen on our Facebook page Military Photoshops . To quote Erik :
  •   Nice PhotoShop work - however, a couple of details -- ROKAF pilots have gray camouflage helmets with larger visors & green camouflage flight suits. ROKAF uses air-to-air refueling booms, not hose & drogue. The 03 (2003) number on the tail for the service date, probably too early for a J-10S export from China. Erik
So i removed the hose & drogue Refueling Probe, and tried to add a F-16 style boom fuel point on the spine. Changed pilot helmet and uniform colors. Added some stripes and arrows to add some detail. The Radome is still Black though. Cant seem to find a work around to change the darker original radome color to a lighter grey shade. Tried, to paint one over it but it gives a plastic feel. So i dropped it for now. Black looks cool too, Not my fault if China colors its jets radome black ! Also on the no. part. It isnt a real story, so no.s dont really matter. more over i had already rastesized the Type layer and writing a new layer was too much a trouble to go through . hehehe

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