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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Superman has a new Ride : The F-22 Super Raptor

Superman's a new Ride : The F-22 Raptor
Superman when returned recently found himself severely inadequate to fight against the threats of modern age . The emergence Super powerful airborne radars means that Modern 5th generation fighters of the forces of Evil like the J-20 and T-50 would be able to Lock -on to Supermans Metal body from 100's of km away and be able to fire supersonic missiles at the American hero. Even if it comes to dogfight , Superman loses to modern Super cruising Engines equipped fighters which will go super sonic before Superman can say Sooooopermaaaan !

As a solution Lockheed Martin of US of A proposed the special F-22 Super Raptor equipped with solid state LASER to take the Supermans lethality to a new level .

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