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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jf-17 Thunder evolves: Naval JF17 / Fc-1

As per Pshamim of Pak Def :

  • Though the PLAAF has not taken delivery of FC-1-twin brother of JF-17, Chinese Navy has shown great interest in FC-1. A naval version of FC-1 has been developed and the first test flight is expected to take place in 2012. FC-1 is now being planned as a carrier based aircraft along with othet type of aircrafts, probable SU-33.

    This is a gret omen for JF-17 as the news indicated a continuous and on going development of the FC-1/JF-17 program. I also feel that we my see a new version beyong Block-3. China and Pakistan have shown great interest and faith in this program. We may hear further in 2012.  
  • About the naval version of the FC-1, I have heard about few significant changes including heavier undercarriage, Inlet design has been changed to rib inlets necissitated by a new and larger nose changing the forward fuselage center of gravity, and ensuring the static instability. AlsoWings were also swept back and back to edge area has been increased.

    As far as the Block-II of the land version that we have is concerned, good news is that major changes have been made in design which will allow it to borrow several features from both the FC-20 and J-11B. It is great to see an evolving Thunder.



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