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Thursday, February 23, 2012

End of Global Hawk ?

PAF's manned Global Hawk.
Is it really the end forGlobal Hawk ? While America struggles to keep the Global hawk program alive, Pakistan has picked it up as its premier intelligence and recon unit. Albeit with a few modifications, most obvious is the conversion of Unmanned drone to a Manned airplane. 

As reported by Avionics Intelligence .
  • The report reads: “When we initially invested in the Global Hawk Block 30 program, it held the promise of providing essentially the same capability as the U-2 manned aircraft for significantly less money to both buy and operate. As the program has matured, these cost savings have not materialized and, at best, we project the future cost of Global Hawk Block 30 operations to be comparable with the U-2. In this five-year budget, the cost of the Global Hawk program would significantly exceed the cost of the U-2 so we cancelled Global Hawk Block 30 and extended the U-2 program. Although this is a significant disappointment, our experience with Global Hawk Block 30 will help other Global Hawk programs like the Air & Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS).”



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