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Thursday, March 1, 2012

JF-17 NG v1.1

This is what Nabil_05 from Defence.pk had to say about Jf-17 NG.

  • Just a reminder on my part, a few days ago i replied to Salman about the ideology behind JFT was inspiration from the f-16 and Gripen and that at the moment it is compared to Gripen C, D version which in itself an achievement for China and Pakistan. The next block will be most likely on par with Gripen NG. Interesting to see similar revelations made by Munir on pakdef after visiting FIA......

    "The radar follow up... We will keep this block as it is. Just like the engines and other parts. It is not going to be upgraded towards later versions cause it is a lot cheaper to just make a whole new body then refitting an older one. So probably we will never hear about MLU-ing JF17. But the next radar is already being tested and we will move to the next block towards AESA. That is for sure cause it will get also small changes to become lower observable then this edition. The media talks about stealthier but that is a but unrealistic. JF17 will not have internal bay nor does it have the body to achieve extreme results.

    3rd block sure but I agree with GAF. Block II is called JF17 NG. "



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