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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sherdil JF-17

I've been trying to paint JF17 with PAF official aerial acrobatics team, the Sherdils. Below are some examples.

Guess im not too good at making wallpapers ...

This one with added stripes . Not exactly the way they are painted on K-8s. i've been having some trouble placing them in the original way due to difference in inherent aircraft designs.

this one with background clouds.

that s it for now.


  1. These pictures seems to the pictures of earlier versions of JF-17 thunder!!!!!!!!!Latest one is a bit different, I think

  2. Nope . It is the latest in service thunder. The one that flew at Zhuhai .


  3. Have you designed the bottom? Looking for Sherdils Scheme for my next jet model project! The confusing thing about Sherdils scheme is that its looks same from top and the bottom so from distance it is difficult to understand the position of the aircraft and quite disorientated for the crowd or flyer if its a remote control model



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