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Monday, December 27, 2010

PAF Su-27 Firing AGM-65

Su-27 Flanker, i just love the bird. it's wingroot curves, its down sloping nose, twin tailed and twin engine rear, fascinated me when i first saw it IIRC on a friend's notebook cover. Actually, seeing it helped me remember what flanks really are ! lola, good old days.

Not a pragmatic option for PAF though, due to many reasons technical guys know better, its artistic design mesmerize many .

this picy above , was originally a chinese built su-27 copy Shenuang j-11, painted over by me . added an aim-9 and agm 65 for every one to enjoy .


  1. Su-27's can't fire AGM-65s

  2. When PAF inducted F-6 Aircraft from China, it too could not fire AIM-9P Air-Air Missile but due to the indegenous effort of our aeronautical engineers it became a reality. There is no such thing as can't in our dictionary. Take care.

  3. JF-17 is based on old MiG 21 shit Airframe from Russia. It is heavy aircraft with metal airframe. Too much fuel required to push this aircraft in the sky. Chinese carried Russian shit to Pakistan. JF-17 is a Chinese Shit carried by Pakistani beggars on their head. Now PAF carrying two shits. BVR capability JF-17(Mach 1.7) is nothing when compared to old Indian MiG-21 Bison(Russia) fitted with original Russian engine which is far more reliable & with higher speed (Mach 2.2).

  4. this not chit .. u shit .. u shitting shit .



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