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Saturday, February 15, 2014

JF-17 c Block II

[BBN-Defence Reporter] Jf-17c Block II seen here at a PAF air base.

Jf-17, though considered to be a small and agile fighter, has to be the work horse of PAF and that means adaptability to all kinds of Missions and scenarios . Short Range of Jf-17 has been taken care of by adding CFTs, which increase the fuel carrying capacity by 35 %.

Much work has been done on integrating advanced weapons on this new block of JF-17. As is shown here, a fully armed JF-17c with 2x 2000 lb LGBs, 2x Meteor AAMs , 2x Pl-9 AAMs and targeting pod.

Upgradation of avionics sure was of utmost importance. Visible exteriorly are a new IFF, and IRST and a new AESA Radar, indicated by that breech just behind the Radome .

[BBN - Buk Buk News]


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